Personal pick up

There is a possibility to pick up a product in person in Cracow. It is possible solely if you call us and agree upon the date and place of pick up of the ordered product.
Attention! In case of a personal pick up, we ask you to contact us the moment you get an e-mail with information that the order is ready to be picked up. Picking up the product, you should have an ID (a national ID, a driving license or a passport) and information concerning the order (the order number and the contact details of the person who ordered a product).
The package will be given to a person who will give all of the order details and pay for it. We accept only exact sum of money – we do not give the change and do not accept debit cards.
The package for which a client paid choosing another payment option will be given to a person who ordered it or to an authorized person – solely after showing a document proving that the exact sum of money has been paid and presenting an ID and the details concerning order.
The package has to be picked up within 7 days after receiving an e-mail with information that the package is ready to be picked up. According to the Rules of the shop, the order that has not been picked up within a given deadline is canceled. If the package has been already paid, we refund the sum of money without the money spent on preparing the order.

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