The rules of shopping

The internet gallery is available at the address It is managed by the Photart Agency, the company is located in Cracow on Gołaśka Street 12/31.

The rules:
1. Our gallery leads wholesale and retail sales of artistic photographs with frames via Internet. The orders are accepted via website www.


2. All of the products offered in the gallery: are our property and are protected by copyright. The photographs are prepared and framed by hand so small differences may appear. They were legally introduced at the Polish market.


3. All of the prices on the website are gross prices and include tax.


4. Ordered products are delivered by Polish Post (Poczta Polska). In some cases there is a possibility of a personal pick-up of an order – in Cracow – both sides have to agree on a date and place or a personal pick-up. A client is charged with the costs of delivery described in the transport price list on the website Costs and Shipping Methods. If there are big differences between the order fulfillment, method of packing and delivery of the products that constitute one order, the gallery may decide to divide an order into a few, smaller shipments. In such case a general cost of shipment is not a subject to alteration; it is divided into a few shipments that constitute the order.  In the event of a cancellation of a part of an order, the delivery price reduction refers only to these products which have been undelivered or are a subject to a claim process.


5.Payment options:

 Possible payment options:

  • money transfer - after placing an checkout, you will be automatically redirected to Dotpay website in order to make a payment. A safe authorization is made by Dotpay and none information concerning is transmitted to a shop. In case of an unsuccessful authorization, we ask you to contact us via a contact form in order to change the payment method.
  • with debit card - after placing an checkout, you will be automatically redirected to Dotpay website in order to make a payment. A safe authorization is made by Dotpay and none information concerning a debit card is transmitted to a shop. In case of an unsuccessful authorization, we ask you to contact us via a contact form in order to change the payment method.
  • while picking up the products - solely after a personal pick-up of goods in Cracow.

    Attention! If you pick up goods personally, we accept only an exact sum of money in a Polish currency. Extra costs connected with particular payment options are defined in a price transport list.

    1. You can find out more about the order fulfillment and lead time on a website Time and Order fulfillment in a section Help.
    Extra costs connected with particular payment options are defined in a price transport list on a website: Costs and shipping methods.
    2. In some cases reserves the right to limit the payment options by switching off some of them on the website.
    3. Photographs are developed and framed by hand, therefore, the order fulfillment process takes up to several days. In case of a momentary lack of some of the components of the frame, we confirm their availability at our deliverers, and a updated shipping date is introduced to the order status. The order status may be tracked in a bookmark My account. An order which consists of the products of which completion has a different time fulfillment is shipped after a completion of the whole order: after a period of time which is necessary to complete a product with the longest completion process. If it is necessary to divide an order and send it in a few shipments that can be sent on a different date, a client will be informed about that via e-mail.

    If the time of order fulfillment turned out to be longer, we will contact a client in order to inform about a delay and ask if a client is still interested in buying our products. It is necessary to remember:

    The date of receiving a shipment = time of an order fulfillment + time of delivery

    In case of a money transfer, the above-mentioned date is extended by the time of a money transfer; in case of paying with a debit card, it is extended by the time of authorization of the transfer by an internal payment system.

    International Shipments are delivered via Polish Post (Poczta Polska) and cooperating national postal services of a given country. Time of the delivery of a shipment depends on a courier, kind of a shipment, the address of a receiver and country to which it is to be delivered; it may last from 5 to 7 business days. If a courier or a postman does not come upon you at a given address, you can pick up an ordered product in the places of a personal pick-up or in a post office determined on a confirmation of shipment. is not responsible for delays in delivery caused by default in contract by postal and courier services.
    4. In cases of a personal pick-up of an order in Cracow, we inform you about that via email. Both sides have to agree on a date and place or a personal pick-up. A product has to be picked up within 7 days from receiving an e-mail. A product which is not picked up is sent back to our warehouse and order is canceled. More information on a personal picking up of an order is available on a website Personal pick-up in a section Help.
    5. Products have a warranty of a producer which is valid in Poland. A warranty time of each product is 1 year. In case of making claim, a product has to be sent at one’s own expense, to our address – beforehand, you need to get RMA number. You can get a RMA number filling in a Warranty Claim form on our website in a section Help. The address and all of the necessary information will be given while ascribing a RMA number. A fixed product is sent back at the expense of Exact data concerning the warranty conditions you will find on a website Product Warranty in a section Help. A product warranty does not exclude, limit or does not suspend a buyer entailments resulting from non-conformity of a product with a contract.
    6. In case of a non-conformity of a product with a contract, you are asked to send it back with a letter describing the defect at the expense of First you need to receive a RMA number of an order by filling in a Warranty Claim in a section Help. Information concerning a consideration of the claim and conditions you need to fulfill in order to send back a product  will be given in the process of ascribing a RMA number; they will be sent via e-mail.
    7. Determining a mode of an order fulfillment, a client has a right to demand to restore a product into a condition described in a contract through free repair or an exchange of a product. The only exception from this rule is when repair or exchange are not possible or require excessive costs. If the shop is not able to fulfill a contract, a client has a right to ask for lowering a price or withdrawal from a contract.
    8. The shop will consider a claim within 7 business days from the moment of putting in a claim. The day of putting in a claim is considered a day of delivery of a product to a if any additionally expert appraisals are necessary, the date may be extended to 14 days. If the shop does not respond to a claim within 14 days, it means the shop has recognized the claim as justified.
    9. If a non-conformity is recognized and elements of a product will be in stock, a new product will be shipped within  14 business days from a delivery of a damaged product to a shop. If it is not possible, the shop will offer a refund of money or a possibility to choose the other product of the same price.
    If a claim fulfillment, in each of above-mentioned cases, requires delivery of a new or fixed product, it is done at the expense of a shop. A condition of us accepting a shipment is writing down a price of product in a box "declared value" on a consignment letter. The sum of money is a declaration of an insurance value. A shipment, on which there will not be declared value written down, will not be accepted.
    10. In case of a withdrawal from a contract, a returned product has to be sent back at one’s own expense. But first you need to get a RMA number  that you can obtain contacting us via e-mail on a Information concerning a form of a shipment and an address at which a product should be sent will be given while ascribing a RMA number. It is necessary to attach a statement to a return shipment in which a confirmation of a withdrawal from a contract and an account number to which money should be transferred, will be included. Within 2 business days a shop will check a product. If a product fulfils the conditions described in this point, a corrective invoice will be issued. An original and a copy of an invoice will be sent by a priority mail. A client should send back a signed copy of a corrective invoice. After receiving of the invoice, the shop, within 7 business days, will transfer money to a customer’s account.
    11. Warranty and a right to withdraw from a contract, are not valid when a product has external mechanical defects. Therefore, it is necessary to always check if a package was not damaged during delivery. Especially a client should pay attention to a condition of tapes and seals on the package. If any of the seals or tapes are broken and a package is damaged, you should refuse to accept it and you should draw up a damage certificate in the presence of a courier. You should contact us as soon as possible. Checking the shipment is a necessary condition in order to consider any client’s claims concerning damage and shipment theft in delivery.  More information on how to pick up a shipment in a safe way, you will find in a section Safety of delivery in a section Help.
    12. Information on websites do not constitute an offer from a civil law point of view. A client placing an order, by means of options available on websites of a shop-gallery, offer to buy a product on the conditions given in a description of a product. The moment of making a purchase-sale agreement takes place when a client confirms in writing the reception of a product.
    13. team do their best to make sure that all of the order details, descriptions and technical data are as they are in reality. However, if data (including descriptions and technical data) available on a shop website on a day of an order placement were different from reality, a client has a right to withdraw from a contract within 10 days from the date of purchasing a product, according to the rules on withdrawal from a contract concluded remotely.
    14. reserves the right to refusal of an order fulfillment in a situation in which a reliability of a client is challenged by a history of collaboration between the two sides.
    15. The Rules determine the conditions of shopping in a photographic gallery Placing and fulfillment of an order is tantamount to a client’s agreement to all of the information, resolutions and conditions described in the Rules.


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