Time of the order fulfillment

Photographs are developed and framed by hand, therefore the time of the order fulfillment may take up to a few days. In case of a momentary lack of the elements of the frame, we confirm their availability at our deliverers and we enter a revised date of shipping in the status of order. The status of your order may be tracked in the bookmark „My account”. Time of the order fulfillment of a few products is the time of preparation of all of the ordered products. All of the ordered products are shipped in one package. The payment is made through money transfer, so the order fulfillment starts after posting your payment to our account. The date of shipment is given in the business days. E.g. if an order fulfillment, which lasts 4 days, is placed on Monday, then we send it by Friday the latest. If the same order is placed on Wednesday, we will send it by Tuesday the next week the latest. In the example we assume that in a week there are no days off work. We do our best to minimize the time of delivery.

The packages are delivered by Polish Post (Poczta Polska) or a courier. The time of delivery depends on the carrier, the kind of delivery and the address of the customer. The courier delivers it within 5-7 business days, Polish Post (Poczta Polska) within 8-10 business days. If a courier or a postman does not come upon you at a given address, you can pick up an ordered product in the places of a personal pick-up or in a post office determined on a confirmation of shipment.

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