Placing an order


In our shop you can: search for, browse through, fuss and change your mind. You can add your chosen products, remove them and add the others. Check the content of your cart (clicking on „cart” on the green bar on the right side at the top of the screen), change the number of your items filling in the right box demanding quantity and clicking „update”. You can remove mistakenly added products by the means of the button – „delete”. If you forget about something, you can always come shipping and payment method. To make sure, check if your contact details are correct. If the shipping information is different from billing one, choose the option „Choose another address”. If there is no address in the list of existing contacts, which you want to choose, you can use the option „Add a new address”. Then establish a new address as a default address - on an invoice or for a delivery – for an order and place an order. You can modify the contact details by using a section „contacts” which is located in the menu of the user’s account.



Verification of the order

When you place an order, we will inform you about this sending an e-mail, in which you will find information about chosen products and the options of the order fulfillment.




If you do not have an account before placing an order, we require from you to create one in our shop. You need to fill out a short form and verify the registration process by clicking on the link sent by us to the e-mail address entered while registering.

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